Preserve Your Vessel in Every Season

Trust River Forest Shipyard for Expert Boat Winterization Services

Get your boat ready for winter with River Forest Shipyard’s complete winterization services. Our skilled technicians ensure your vessel is protected from cold weather, so it’s in top shape when spring comes. We cover everything from engine prep to preventing freezing damage, storing your boat safely until the warmer season. Trust us for thorough winterization, so your boat is set to sail smoothly again when spring arrives.

Boat Winterization Services

  • Engine and Systems Winterization: Protect engines and vital systems from freezing.

  • Hull and Exterior Preservation: Shield the hull and exterior with specialized coatings and covers.

  • Battery Care: Maintain battery life with proper storage and care.

  • Fluid Draining and Replacement: Prevent freezing damage by draining and replacing fluids.

  • Interior Protection: Safeguard the interior from mold, mildew, and cold-related issues.

  • Customized Winterization Plans: Tailored services to fit your boat’s needs.

Prepare your boat for winter with our expert services. Trust us to protect your investment and get you back on the water smoothly next season.