Transform Your Vessel

Boat Detailing Services at River Forest Shipyard

Make your boat look great and keep it in top shape with River Forest Shipyard’s fantastic boat detailing services. Our skilled team will make your boat shine inside and out, ensuring it performs its best while looking stunning. Whether it’s polishing the hull or sprucing up the interior, we customize our detailing to suit your boat’s needs. We know your boat means a lot to you, and our goal is to make it look even better than you imagined. Trust River Forest Shipyard to leave your boat sparkling and ready for fun on the water.

Expert Detailing Services

  • Hull Polishing: Make your boat’s outside shine and keep it looking great.

  • Interior Cleaning: Clean up the inside of your boat to make it look like new.

  • Metal and Glass Care: We’ll make metal and glass parts look their best and last longer.

  • UV Protection: Protect your boat from the sun with special products.

  • Top-Quality Products: We use top-quality products to make your boat look amazing for a long time.

  • Customized Detailing Packages: We customize our services to fit what you need for your boat.

Treat yourself to a super clean boat from River Forest Shipyard. Our detailing isn’t just basic, it’s all about making your boat look better and last longer, so it’s the star on the water.