Dive into Excellence

River Forest Shipyard’s Diving Services

River Forest Shipyard dives deep to maintain your boat. Our certified divers have lots of experience doing everything from checking the hull to fixing things underwater. With top-notch tools and a focus on safety, we make sure your boat’s underwater parts are taken care of right. Whether it’s cleaning the hull, checking the propellers, or fixing something in an emergency, our diving services are customized for each boat, making sure your investment lasts.

Complete Underwater Services

  • Certified Divers: Our skilled divers know how to do careful underwater checks and fixes.

  • Hull Cleaning: Cleaning the hull regularly makes your boat use less fuel and go faster by stopping stuff from growing on it.

  • Propeller and Shaft Inspections: Checking the propellers and shafts helps your boat’s engine work better by catching problems early.

  • Emergency Repairs: If something goes wrong underwater, our divers are quick to fix it and keep your boat safe.

  • Underwater Surveys: We do thorough checks to see what condition your boat’s underwater parts are in, helping us make plans to keep them in good shape.

  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: River Forest Shipyard uses top gear to do accurate and quick work underwater.

Count on River Forest Shipyard for great diving services. We’ll take care of everything underwater to keep your boat in top shape.