Revitalize Your Vessel’s Hull

River Forest Shipyard’s Expert Bottom Paint Services

Check out how our bottom paint services can make your boat last longer and perform better. Our experienced team takes care of every detail to protect your boat from damage and keep it running smoothly. With our top-notch bottom paint, you’ll save on fuel and enjoy better performance. Count on us to make your boat look great and keep it safe for all your adventures on the water.

Seal, Shield, and Sail

  • Expert Application: Our experts are great at putting on bottom paint, making sure it’s even and works well.

  • Anti-fouling Formulas: Get high-quality bottom paint that stops stuff from growing on your boat, so it keeps running smoothly and uses less fuel.

  • Surface Preparation: We clean and prep your boat thoroughly to make sure the paint sticks well and does its job.

  • Long-lasting Protection: Our bottom paint protects your boat from rust, so it lasts longer.

  • Customized Solutions: We have different types of bottom paint to fit your boat’s needs, depending on how you use it and where.

  • Enhanced Performance: When we put on bottom paint, your boat will go faster, use less fuel, and be easier to steer.

Find the perfect mix of protection and performance with our bottom paint services. Your boat will look great and sail better, ready for lots of fun on the water.