Restore, Reinforce, Resurge

Expert Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair at River Forest Shipyard

River Forest Shipyard is great at fixing fiberglass and gelcoat damage on boats. Our experts make sure your boat looks good and stays strong, using top-notch methods and materials. Whether it’s a small scratch or big damage, we’ll customize our repairs to fit your boat’s needs. Trust us to make your boat last longer and look great on the water.

Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair for Unparalleled Vessel Resilience

  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our experts are really good at fixing fiberglass and gelcoat, paying close attention to every detail.

  • Comprehensive Repairs: Whether it’s a small scratch or big damage, we’ll fix it right for your boat.

  • Quality Materials: We use the best materials to make sure your boat stays fixed for a long time.

  • Color Matching Expertise: Our experts are great at matching colors, so you won’t even notice where we fixed it.

  • Timely Turnaround: We know you want to get back on the water fast. Our quick repairs make sure you can.

  • Consultative Approach: We work with you to understand what your boat needs and give you the best repair options.

Make your boat’s hull strong again with River Forest Shipyard’s expert fiberglass and gelcoat repairs. We’ll make sure your boat looks great and can handle whatever the water throws at it.